Isabel Feeney might not attend school, but this street-smart newsgirl has big dreams of becoming one of the nation's few female news reporters, just like her idol, Maude Collier. And when a murder occurs not far from where Izzie sells papers - and her favorite customer is accused of the crime - Izzie becomes determined to clear her friend's name and write a story worthy of the Tribune.

With Maude's help, Izzie tracks down clues that take her from a mobster's funeral to the city's infamous jail wing, "Murderess's Row." But can Izzie save pretty Miss Giddings when a powerful detective is determined to get a conviction? And should Izzie trust Maude, who sees the case in a very different light?

Based upon my doctoral dissertation, Mob Sisters: Women Covering Crime in Prohibition-Era Chicago, this novel is rooted in history and explores the changing roles of women in the 1920s in a way that is accessible and fun for young readers. Access the free school activities packet HERE.

A not-to-be-missed novel for middle graders looking for a satisfying mystery with a daring female heroine.
— School Library Journal